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Northern Bee Books

Stand No. B6

The largest range of apicultural books in the English speaking world. Publishers and specialists of beekeeping books, new and second hand titles available. Publisher of THE BEEKEEPERS QUARTERLY, the Quality Quarterly with Quarterly Quality

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Apisafe BY White Pak

Stand No. B15


  • info@whitepak.com
  • +923216117098

  • https://www.apisafe.net
  • P.O Box 2112 Wahid Road Malkay Kalan Sialkot PAKISTAN
  • 51310
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Stand No. D3

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Stand No. E2

We offer a wide range of beekeeping equipment suitable for the hobbyist or commercial beekeepers.

  • sales@abelo.co.uk
  • (+44) 01904 849331

  • http://www.abelo.co.uk
  • Old Station Yard Common Road Dunnington
  • YO19 5EP
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National Bee Supplies

Stand No. F1

We will be introducing our new sterilised wax foundation.Our beeswax is sterilised at more than 120 degrees centigrade and presents all guarantees in terms of being free from all known pathogens,including spores of American and European foul brood and nosema. Premium super wax sheets with thicker cell walls. High quality seconds in hive parts and frames. Hive package deals . Free draw entry with a chance win a free fully assembled WBC hive .

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British Beekeepers Association (BBKA)

Stand No. A3

British Beekeepers Association will be selling the range of BBKA Special Edition publications together with the recently produced Healthy Hive Guides which are designed to fit into the pocket of a bee suit and the pages can be wiped clean.

  • bbka@bbka.org.uk
  • 02476 696679

  • http:\\bbka.org.uk
  • National Beekeeping Centre, Stoneleigh Park
  • CV8 2LG
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Der Original Honigmann

Stand No. E6

Ventilated Bee Protection Clothing, Stay cool and protected, Overalls, Jackets, Trousers, Gloves in white, beegreen and beige. Sting Protection Shoes. Beesupplies. Designed in Germany made in the Commonwealth.

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Stand No. C16

Our company Almira Beekeeping – a company with 20 years’ experience in the beekeeping market. We specialise in the production of high-quality beekeeping equipment in our factory in Romania. We officially launched our company in Bournemouth early this year. We offer various products at competitive prices.

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Chain Bridge Honey

Stand No. A7

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Stand No. A5

THOMAS APICULTURE Cy, established in FRANCE, since 1905, close to PARIS, is an experienced beekeeping equipment manufacturer. THOMAS APICULTURE equipment meet both hobby beekeepers' or bee farmers' needs. Thanks to the adequacy of its products to the needs of all markets, its capacity for innovation and the premium quality of its equipment, THOMAS exports its know-how all over the world. THOMAS APICULTURE manufactures a large scale of beekeeping equipment like : hives, beekeeping clothes, smokers, bee food, honey packaging, wax foundations, queen breeding equipment, uncapping equipment, honey extractors, sumps, pumps, filters, mixers, honey tanks, filling machines… All our equipment can be seen on our web site ; www.thomas-apiculture.com An English catalogue of 160 pages can be loaded also on our web site.

  • contact@thomas-apiculture.com
  • 00 33 2 38 46 88 00

  • 321 rue Bernard de la Rochefoucauld - ZA Evangile
  • 45450
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E.H Thorne (Beehives) Ltd

Stand No. A1

We have been manufacturing beekeeping equipment for over 100 years and are justifiably proud of the quality of our products and the service we offer.

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Urban Hawks

Stand No. C7

All Bee Protective Clothings And Gloves

  • info@urbanshawk.com
  • UrbansHawk OutDoor Products/UrbansBee Manufacturer and Suppliers of All Kinds of Bee Protective Clothings and Gloves

  • Wazirabad Road
  • Sialkot
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Bee Equipment Ltd

Stand No. E1

We stock nearly 3,000 product lines at our distribution centre in Kent, supplying British Standard National, Langstroth, Commercial and accessories, as well as wide range of beekeeping accessories, we also stock a wide range of honey and wax processing equipment. Our candle making equipment is a unique product made for us to give you the best possible results. Along with our extensive range of tools and clothing we have everything the beekeeper needs.. Bee Hives, Smokers and Fuel, Queen Rearing Equipment, Langstroth Hives, National Hives, Hive Tools, Books, Bee Gift Ware, Candle Moulds and Candle Making Accesories, Our New Correx Nuc Boxes, Microscopy Equipment, Animal feeds, Bird Food, Pet Accessories, and much much more. This is just a small selection of the products that we sell.

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Paynes Southdown Bee Farms

Stand No. D1

Paynes Bee Farm Ltd have been in the beekeeping business since 1922, so is able to expertly cater for all your beekeeping needs for equipment, bees, nucs ..

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Compak Group

Stand No. D5

Suppliers of Glass & Plastic Packing including our hugely popular "British Made Honey Jar " Show day "Special Offers" you can't afford to miss. Please call us 01179 863 550 for further details

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Stand No. B2

Plastic beekeeping equipment (hives, pollen collectors, queen excluders, propolis collection screens, feeders, frames, queen rearing equipment, etc), ANEL Booster Bee Food and tools like the ANEL Fogger (for treatment applications) and the ANEL Fire Marker (branding iron tool for marking the hives - electric and gas model).

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Stand No. C9

Range of protective clothing for beekeepers by BBwear. Extensive selection of beekeeping clothing, equipment and bee supplies includes starter kits, hives, tools and bees! Worldwide shipping. Retail and wholesale customers welcome.

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Apimaye Thermo Beehives

Stand No. B7


  • jmevans950@btinternet.com
  • 07979 646947

  • 7 The Furlongs, Needingworth
  • PE27 4TX
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Direct Bees

Stand No. C3

Beekeeping Equipment, Beehives, Poly Hives, Wax Foundation, Frames, Bee food and Bee Keeping Essentials – making beekeeping affordable and accessible to all.

  • hello@directbees.com
  • 01766549179

  • https://directbees.com
  • Direct Bees, Unit 13, Tan Y Castell, Harlech, North Wales
  • LL46 2UE
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Bridge Cottage Bees - Gas Vap

Stand No. C14

We will be promoting and selling a very portable, hand held gas powered device for applying the treatment to destroy Varroa mite, which is affecting our bee population. The Gas-Vap fits into the palm of your hand and is possibly the lowest cost device around, enabling bee keepers with either single or multiple hives to effectively treat against Varroa. Treatment takes less than 30 seconds per hive.

  • gasvapuk@gmail.com
  • 07816604762

  • Bridge Cottage
  • SP11 7LW
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Stand No. C5

WELCOME to F-MART UK LTD! F-Mart UK Ltd is the name you need for all your beekeeping wear. Get your beekeeping suits, jackets and veils at unbeatable prices this year at Bee Trade X. Please do come and visit us! We hope to see you there.

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River Wood Inc

Stand No. A9

River Wood Inc has many years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of Beekeepers’ clothing with a range of garments to suit everybody's needs. Our suits are made from hard wearing 65% Polyester, 35% cotton, 100% cotton & 100% polyester, 3Layer suits in a range of colors and manufactured to the highest standard. By listening to our customers we have developed a range of beekeeping clothing to suit everybody’s needs, and we pride ourselves on offering top quality garments at a highly competitive price. Not only the suits are producing in our factory we are also manufacturing the finest quality of the leather gloves with the superb quality of the leather in , Cow, Sheep, Buffalo as well as in goat leather, our size ranges are designed to fit everybody’s need during the harvesting. Our factory is also producing the stainless steel instruments too like hive tools, smokers, strainers, stainless steel tanks for storage.

  • riverwoodincco@gmail.com
  • 03118610694

  • Sarwar Road Near Helicon Enterprises Dubarji Malahian
  • 51310
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Bee Basic

Stand No. F5

Quality beekeeping clothing and hive equipment at affordable prices.

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Caddon hives ltd

Stand No. B13

Caddon Hives started in 2005 selling the classic WBC hive, since then we have expanded our range to include the National and Smith hives and a wide range of “must have“ accessories. All our hives made from knot free Western Red Cedar to BBKA drawings. We also sell protective wear (formerly owned by Buzz Beekeeping)

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Stand No. B1

'products of the hive' Award winning Natural Skincare made by hand with honey, beeswax, plant and essential oils, including a propolis range BeeswaxWraps Furniture and Leather Creams Candles and more

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B J Sherriff

Stand No. F3

Original creators of the ClearView Veil. Proud makers of fine beekeeping apparel for over 50 years. 15 Year average lifespan - 5 year warranty on all zips. Come and take the ClearView(TM) Veil Test and see the difference for yourself! BEETRADEX STAND F3

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Bee Farmers' Association

Stand No. C11

The Bee Farmers’ Association is the voice of professional beekeeping in the United Kingdom (UK). As the commercial trade association for the sector, it represents around 450 bee farming businesses. Its members produce honey throughout the UK and supply products in bulk, for wholesale and for retail. In addition, the association provides contract pollination services to growers.

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Maisemore Apiaries

Stand No. D6

Bee keeping supplies in the UK, with over 50 years in the bee keeping business, experience and quality guaranteed.

  • sales@bees-online.co.uk
  • 01452 700289

  • Over Old Rd, Maisemore,
  • GL2 8HT
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Struan Apiaries

Stand No. B3

Feeds and more

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Dogs Trust

Stand No. C4

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. We care for around 15,000 lost and abandoned dogs each year through our network of 20 Rehoming Centres. By sponsoring one of these dogs you can help Dogs Trust give them all the love, care and cuddles they deserve.

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Stand No. C15

Bee.Watch allows anyone to instantly share observations and intelligence on swarms, apiary records, pesticide use and invasive species. Ideal for the beekeeping community, bystanders and pesticide users. Bee.Watch is available as a smartphone app and webpage interface. The Bee.Watch team also developed uWatch: a security system for remote locations. The multi-sensor uWatch Cube can monitor hive movements, internal temperature and GPS location. Battery powered with an inbuilt roaming SIM means no WiFi or mains power restrictions. With “Secured by Design” police approval, the Cube can keep an eye on things when you can’t.

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The ZEST hive Co Ltd.

Stand No. D4

Plastic Beehive frames for natural comb

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Honey Bee Suppliers

Stand No. B10

Prime Productive Overwintered Buckfast 6 framed Nucs, collection or delivery this April Bulk Oxfordshire Honey in buckets

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Beehive Monitoring

Stand No. C2

monitoring for bees, hive scale- external monitorin for bees, GSM gateway- ONLINE communicator between hive scale and hive heart, hive heart- internal monitoring for bees

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Old Castle Farm Hives

Stand No. F6

Bee Keeping Supplies and our own Sentinel Pro 11 Bee Suits

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Bees Abroad

Stand No. B8

This year 2020 Bees Abroad celebrates 21 years relieving poverty through beekeeping. In 1999 a small group of UK beekeepers already involved in overseas work realised that they had a common interest in improving livelihoods for low-income rural communities through the benefits of beekeeping. We are unique in that we have a team of 15, highly skilled, volunteer partnership managers who operate in 12 countries with over 40 beekeeping projects underway creating sustainable livelihoods from which we can measure our impact. Please visit our stand to meet our volunteers who work with the local communities to guide the design, deliver training and encourage the use of local, sustainable materials to make hives and protective clothing. All donations go directly to our project work, and we have very low overheads, we are careful to use gifts from various sources to the direct benefit of our beneficiaries. We wish to extend a very big "Thank you" to the Beekeeping trade for their continued support. Please look out for Bee Equipment Ltd where you can "buy and bin" an item of beekeeping equipment. All proceeds will support our project work.

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beekeeping equipment &supplies

Stand No. B4

We have a wide range of products and equipment which we sell direct to the Beekeeping public. That way we can share with you at first-hand our experiences and the feed-back from other customers and help you to get the best solution to your needs. Andermatt Biovet is based in Switzerland and is one of the leading producers of treatments against Varroa mites and other Bee problems. High quality manufacturing backed by their own research and hands-on experience means we can bring to you proven solutions for today’s Bee health problems. We are delighted to be the exclusive Distributor in UK for Giordan equipment

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BS Honey Bees

Stand No. C1

BS Honey Bees is the number one specialised supplier of high quality Buckfast Nucs, Overwintered Nucs , Package Bees and Next Day Buckfast Queens. Located in the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds on the outskirts of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire ran by Bee Farmers Daniel Bates & Tristan Sawczuk. BS Honey Bees offer an unparalleled service to the modern day bee keeper requiring quality Bees, Queens & revolutionary Polystyrene Equipment designed by Bee Keepers for Bee Keepers. We are excited to be exclusively exhibiting at Tradex for a 4th year with discounted products and some new products within our line up. Come and visit us to find out more!

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Hyde Hives

Stand No. B9

Hyde Hives is a family run business based in Kidderminster. We make all types of hives to any specification "If you can think it we can make it"

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Vita Bee Health

Stand No. B5

Vita Bee Health is the world’s largest dedicated honeybee health company. Vita Bee Health researches, develops, manufactures and markets a range of honeybee health treatments and products worldwide. Vita has distributors in over 60 countries and a product range that includes Apistan, Apiguard and Bee Gym for Varroa control; pollen supplement VitaFeed Nutri for increased honey production; enhanced liquid feed VitaFeed Gold; AFB and EFB Diagnostic Kits; ApiShield and ApiProtect wasp and hornet protection; Beetle Blaster SHB trap; Swarm Attractant and B401.

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Andermatt UK

Stand No. D7

Managing Varroa mite is becoming an increasing challenge in order to maintain a happy, healthy and productive bee colony. The key to healthy hives is to correctly identify what problems there may be, understand when a level is reached that requires action and then correctly use an appropriate treatment. Andermatt offer a range of products to help achieve this. With products including Thymovar (thymol strips) and Oxuvar 5.7% (oxalic acid for either spraying or trickling), Andermatt offer varroa treatment solutions to fit in any varroa management strategy.

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Beckys Beezzzs

Stand No. C10

We are honeybee farmers based in Andover and Headley Nr Newbury. We have over 600 honey bee colonies sited in apiaries across Berkshire and Hampshire for both Honey and Nuc production. We produce and sell top quality nucs of bees on National, Commercial, 14x12 and Langstroth frames. We sell live mated queen bees, as well as the associated beekeeping equipment and supplies. We are manufacturers of our unique correx travel box that takes national, commercial and langstroth frames.

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Bee Craft

Stand No. A4

Welcome to the new-look Bee Craft magazine! Members of the Bee Craft team will welcome you at the show entrance with a free copy of our new-look magazine. Completely redesigned for a new decade, Bee Craft is packed with practical beekeeping features, scientific research, interviews, product reviews and much more. Visit the Bee Craft stand to find out about our latest subscription offers and see our range of books for beekeepers of all levels.

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Bee Hive Bits

Stand No. E3

An ever increasing range of beekeeping equipment for all from the novice first timer to the experienced farmer.

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Northumberland Honey Co

Stand No. A10

Producers of the UKs first Champagne Method Sparkling Mead, from Bees to Bottle. All vintages including Wildflower, and two new vintages, Rosé and Heather Sparkling Meads will be available to purchase at Bee Tradex along with tasters of all our varieties of mead and honey chocolate truffles. There will also be a talk scheduled where you can learn about our route into the bee farming industry, and the bee farmers association apprenticeship scheme with our speakers Luke (Director) and Anna ( Bee Farming Apprentice)

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Carl Fritz Imkertechnik GmbH & Co. KG - COLLECTION ONLY

Stand No. F2

Welcome at Carl Fritz beekeeping supplies, GERMANY. We are welcoming you to our beekeeping products such as honey extractors, storrage tanks and honey creamers. For seven generations, we have always tried to offer you high-quality and tried and tested products for your apiary. Our long-standing, experienced employees are known for the careful work and production of first-class beekeeping machines. Even today, we manufacture our products - mainly large appliances such as honey extractors, honey creamers as well as uncapping machines - often after receiving your order to meet your individual wishes. Of course made of stainless steel!

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Simon The Beekeeper

Stand No. B12

We have grown from Simon's desire to make beekeeping more affordable into a major online retailer. We have over 500 products available to purchase in store, online and we ship them worldwide. So if its beekeeping tools, clothing or Poly Hives that you need we can get them to you.

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Wyefield Apiaries (Belgosuc)

Stand No. E4

Wyefield Apiaries - Supplier of Bee Feeds, Welsh Honey, Bees & Equipment.

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Part Time Beekeeping Supplies

Stand No. E5

Frames and more

  • samanthia.price@rocketmail.com
  • Not Available

  • 30 St James St,
  • GL1 4JS
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National Bee Unit (NBU)

Stand No. A8

The National Bee Unit runs Bee Health Programmes in England and Wales. The NBU consists of around 60 field-based Bee Inspectors and staff based in Sand Hutton, North Yorkshire

  • lesley.debenham@fera.gsi.gov.uk
  • 03003030094

  • http://www.nationalbeeunit.com/
  • National Bee Unit, The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), National Agri-Food Innovation Campus, Sand Hutton,
  • YO41 1LZ,
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Stand No. A11

Agralan offer a range of products which allow gardeners to control pests without the need for pesticides or chemicals. Our range of beneficial insects and pheromone traps are designed to minimise pest damage. We will have the new Wax Moth Pheromone Trap and Trichgramma for Wax Moth on our stand. Agralan can also supply bumblebees for pollination.

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Freeman & Harding

Stand No. C6

- Quality British made Honey Jars - Trusted by Beekeepers - Special Show Prices (pre-orders recommended) - Supporters of the BBKA, offering sponsorship, discounts & prizes to Associations & BBKA members - Deliveries Nationwide

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Modern Beekeeping

Stand No. C8

Modern Beekeeping are the longest running supplier of Paradise Honey polystyrene hives and components in the UK, Recently Under New Management with Happy Valley Honey Ltd, we will be bringing samples of all our Stock. UK DISTRIBUTOR FOR ZUKAN BEE FEEDS - available on the day Wide Range of Beekeeping Supplies, inc Mated Nucs, Queens, Honey Processing equipment and Tools. Look forward to seeing you there!

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