After running Fragile Planet Ltd from 2006 until 2014 Tony Gray (MD Fragile Planet Ltd) and John Hayward who had been the floor manager for a large beekeeping show for 19 years decide to work together with the National Agricultural Exhibition Centre (NAEC) at Stoneleigh to bring together all the major beekeeping equipment manufacturers and their customers in one major show over one day. So Beetradex was born. We booked several halls in the Warwick Conference Centre and waited in anticipation to see how it would work.

Both of us were very pleased with the result with over 1600 attendees, a packed venue and happy traders and customers. So we knew two things, the first being that we should run this again and the second was that we needed more room. So in 2015 we booked hall H1 at Stoneleigh (doubling our exhibition space) and even more customers and traders came. The number of attendees exceeded 1900 and we knew we were supplying your requirements, but we wanted to give you more.

We asked you what you wanted and you wanted full on-site seminars, you wanted ease of parking and you wanted a friendly hassle-free experience in shopping, moving stuff to your car and a day where you could learn something in a relaxed atmosphere.

So in 2016 we decided to give you what you had been asking for by moving to an even bigger venue (Hall H3) which has its own undercover parking, a large restaurant and coffee bar, keeping our unique Carry-2-Car service where we have several of our friendly and helpful stewards spending all day trundling hives, extractors etc from the hall to your cars. You responded by coming even though the weather was a bit inclement and we had over 2000 people through the door.

We asked you to fill in an online survey about Beetradex after the 2016 show and over 90% of the 495 people who responded though the show was excellent or very good, thank you for your input into how we can keep Beetradex as the premier beekeeping event.

In 2017 we brought the seminar area into the main hall which allows easy undercover access to the seminars, more tables for having a chat with your friends over coffee and even more traders. Over 2,400 of you came that year.

In 2018, although we had snow over 1000 people braved the weather and had a good time, purchasing what they wanted at knock down prices. The seminar programme which took place in the excellent theatre above Hall H3 was, unfortunately, badly affected by the difficulties that the lecturers experienced in getting through the snow, however the National Bee Unit managed to tell us all about the Asian Hornet.

Come to Beetradex 2020 Saturday March 14th 2020 9:00am to 4:30pm and have a wonderful time, enjoy yourself and we’ll see you in March.

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